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Measuring Transformers Factory Zajecar (FMT Zajecar) was founded in 1969. Since its founding the company is being present on market for electrical equipment. With 50 years of existing we are constantly improving the quality and widening the assortment of our products which have proved themselves with their continuous working in all kinds of conditions during exploitation. By combining theoretical knowledge, practical experience and modern technology we succeed in solving many practical problems which occur in electrical systems and thus respond to our customers requests.

Since the founding of the company we have started with production of low voltage current measuring transformers and insulators for voltages up to 36 kV.

Conditions for production of current and voltage transformers up to 36 kV were fulfilled by buying plant for vacuum casting in 1972. Production of different transformer types started under the SIEMENS AG license, as well as transformers of our own design.

By our own further development in 1978, we offered to the market dry power transformers of TES* type, casted in epoxy resin, for powers up to 1600 kVA and rated voltages up to 10 kV (20 kV for some units).

After 1985 our factory developed air core inductive reactors, inductive reactors with metal core, separating transformers up to 250 kVA impregnated by epoxy resin, toroidal transformers, transformers for ignition of oil and gas torches, transformers for concrete heating, electromagnets, system earthing metal resistors for medium voltage networks etc.

We have also expanded our offering in the domain of insulators for all voltage levels up to 36 kV.

In the domain of industrial electronics which consists of production of electronic scales for measuring ranges of 2, 5, 15 and 20 kg convenient for post offices and markets; capacity batteries regulators; continually power supply units; rectifiers and voltage converters and devices for primary and secondary relay testing.

Development of production of mechanical equipment for environment protection was also underway and it contains dusters, fans, cyclones and elevator transport systems.

Following the latest technology applications we introduced the newest insulation material for all types of transformers.

By the end of 2005 FMT was privatized and since then we undertook the substantial investments with the goal to modernize the production.

FMT Zajecar also invests in modernization of production by acquiring new machines and equipment and by implementing new technologies. We have continued to expand the assortment of our products with developing new types of voltage and current transformers.

Our products have found  their way  to the customers in countries all around the world. We have business cooperation with the companies in Balkan region (Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Montenegro) as well as with companies from Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Australia, Chile, Tanzania, United Arabian Emirates, Yemen, Algeria, Nigeria, Thailand…

On our domestic market we supply all distributive companies with our products.

All products of the Measuring Transformers Factory have type certificates and have to pass examination in our own laboratory which proves that they satisfy all current regulations concerning quality, technical characteristics, stability and assurance in their exploitation. FMT Zajecar possesses ISO certificates which also guaranties our quality.



FMT Zaječar is specialized in the production of current and voltage instrument transformers for voltage levels up to 36 kV, both for measuring and protection, dry power transformers, non-conventional “sensor” transformers and insulators. The production program also includes low voltage isolating transformers with power up to 250 kVA, different kinds of torus and protective transformers, railway transformers, neutral point resistors, a 3 phase measuring equipment, various types of inductors, electro-magnets and voltage regulators…



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